job card

Framework Assessments

For a number of jobs, you will definitely call for to establish an analysis with the City of Berkeley. The inspector will definitely see your job internet site to make sure that you are following the methods you sent out to get your permission. Make sure to have your released matches of your permission, accredited methods, in addition to job card on internet site throughout your exam.

The job card you obtain when your permission is accredited will definitely understand worrying what assessments you will definitely call for to regular. You could call for to establish an analysis as the structure and also building work continues to be in advancement along with a last exam when the work is overall.

Property owner supervise of assuring their jobs pass the crucial assessments. However, provider can establish assessments in addition to be the phone call specific on-site throughout the exam.

Establish online or by phone

You can organize your exam online or with a 24-hour automated phone system.

To establish online:

Check Out Permits Online

For a framework permission exam, click the Framework Permits tab. For a public work exam, click the public Features tab.

Enter your permission number, using the design: B2017-XXXXX

Click with to your permission file, afterwards click Paper Particulars in addition to Examinations.

Click the internet link to Establish or Request For an Exam

Testimonial the Online Framework Permits Summary for detailed standards promptly an analysis online.

To establish by phone:

Phone Conversation (510) 981-7440

Select Option 1

Enter into the 9-digit Consent Number (Ex-spouse enthusiast:2021-xxxx)

Comply with the automated standards to organize your exam

Testimonial the Self-Scheduled Inspections Handout for detailed standards promptly an analysis by phone.

On the morning of your set up exam day, you will definitely have the capability to check the forecasted time of your exam online.

Assessments normally take place Monday with Friday in between 9 am in addition to 4 pm. To request an after-hours exam for an added cost, send a Request for After Humans resources Assessments develop in addition to send it to

Follow your methods to pass your exam

To pass your exam, follow your methods specifically as sent out when you made an application for your permission. Call the Consent Service Center before making any type of sort of alterations to your approach, as you could call for extra examination in addition to permission.

If you do not pass your exam, you will definitely obtain an Exam Document that keeps in mind points for you to treat. When you handle each of things on the Assessment Document, you will definitely call for to establish a re-inspection.

Establish all last assessments for the similar day

You require to establish all last assessments for the similar day.

As an instance, if your permission recommends you call for Framework, Electric, Mechanical in addition to Water lines last assessments, afterwards all 4 last assessments require to be established with each various other on the similar day.

Make sure to have really any type of sort of required documentation conveniently offered for your inspector, such as the smoke in addition to carbon monoxide statements, special exam documents, in addition to last style statements.

The City marks supervisors by area

The City of Berkeley has 7 framework exam areas. To uncover your area, uncover your address on the Framework Assessment Places PDF. You can also look for inspector areas on the City’s GIS Web site by clicking to widen the House & Prep work layer, in addition to analyzing the Framework Assessment Places box.